US real estate investment
via cryptocurrency

The benefits of investing via cryptocurrency

Simplification of the transaction
process and tax reporting

This investment method is fully
legal and complies with US law

An official and fully enforceable
set of documents is produced

Investing the modern way in classic
stable assets - US real estate

How it works

Property selection

Signing of agreement

Signing of agreement

Receive income

Property selection

Signing of agreement

Cryptocurrency transfer

Receive income

Ability to invest individually or become a co-investor with all the benefits of crowdfunding

Why real estate?

Investing in real estate is the lowest risk way to invest and multiply your savings wisely. Regardless of the economic situation, housing will always have an enduring value and provide the owner with possession of physical assets that are always protected from a number of high risks characteristic of other investment assets.

Why crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a great opportunity to facilitate the process of investing by combining association with authoritative experts and sharing with them the financing of a particular property. The most important advantage here is the absence of searching co-investors, as our company has taken care of providing a reliable circle of specialists for crowdfunding.

Why invest via cryptocurrency

Facilitates the investment process

Reduces transaction costs

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