and risk management

One of the main principles of the company
is an ensuring the reliability of your investments

The property you invest in is managed by a professional outsourced management company (LLC). The properties are not related to each other, so we can allocate the share of each investor and identify it as direct ownership of the property.

To ensure the safe ownership of real estate in the United States, we open a specialized independent escrow account for each property.

The proven tools of the US economy and the real estate market have been tested for decades.

The state licensing of real estate agents and the regulation of the operation of LLCs allow you to safely and legally invest in properties, receive and regularly distribute income among investors.

Working with Vera Fund, you risk less than investing on your own.

In order to protect your deposit from possible risks, we suggest you invest in several objects presented on the Vera Fund’s Website. Thereby, you will balance your portfolio and not incur the risks associated with investing in only one object.

Controlled risks:

1. Global economic crisis.
2. Reducing the value of real estate in the case of dense development of the area.
3. Difficulties with the delivery or sale of the object.
4. Unstable political situation.

Unfortunately, Vera Fund cannot work with members of the sanctions list.

Real estate prices in the United States are rising every year along with inflation. In addition, prices are rising due to the growth of the purchasing power of the population.

Thanks to the experience gained over the years, as well as based on market analysis by experts, our company attracts investments only in liquid properties.

Despite the existing risks, Vera Fund has proved itself as one of the best and most reliable companies for receiving regular income and increasing capital.

Risk insurance

Every property purchased by Vera Fund is insured. Vera Fund's insurance program partners are «Universal Property Insurance» and other major US insurance companies.

In the event of an insured event, the Vera Fund undertakes to fully pay the amount invested by each investor. Our management company quarterly monitors the condition of the acquired objects and evaluates them.