Vera Fund Nick Polyushkin

Nick Polyushkin

Co-founder and CEO

Nick has over 10 years of real estate experience. Vera Fund has invested $100+ million of equity into South Florida projects - from single family homes to ground up development. Data-driven strategies, deep understanding of the real estate market, intuition based on years of experience, transforming properties and generating positive long-term economic impact are the operating factors that drive Nick's success. Vera Fund's impeccable track record and the company's reputation for integrity and transparency are a major source of pride for him. Nick holds a Masters in Economics from the University of Miami and a Bachelor in Marketing from the University of Florida.

Vera Fund Konstantin Shmaraev

Konstantin Shmaraev

Co-founder and Partner

Konstantin has over 30 years of international business and real estate experience in Florida since 2007. Worked in Arab countries until 1991. In addition to English, he is fluent in Arabic. Konstantin is the founder of Russia's first instant noodles production company (ANACOM). Rich experience in building international format business allows Konstantin to competently develop real estate business and implement investment strategies with maximum profitability. Konstantin holds a Masters in Interpretation and MBA Marketing.

Vera Fund Yury Kharitonenkov

Yury Kharitonenkov


Investment Executive with 15+ years of experience in raising capital, buying, financing, selling and developing high profile properties in the U.S. and internationally in different real estate asset classes. Transaction executive for more than a decade for high profile real estate companies in NYC, Europe and Middle East, with responsibility for all aspects of deals, bridging from underwriting through business and legal negotiation and structuring, acquisition or developing, then ultimately selling over $1BN of dollars of property. Yury graduated magna cum laude from Finance Academy (Moscow, Russia) and holds Masters in investment analysis.

Vera Fund Diana Zueva

Diana Zueva

Business Assistant for International Communication

Diana as Nick’s Business Assistant, represents the company worldwide, conducts international negotiations, prepares investment documents, ensures detailed and timely communication with investors, and participates in the company's presentations at business forums around the world

Vera Fund Olga Pyarina

Olga Pyarina

Investor Relations Manager

For more than 6 years, she has been managing residential and commercial real estate, conducting market analysis, evaluating real estate and concluding contracts with clients and contractors. She also worked successfully for 10 years in the depository of Deutsche Bank and the Moscow Exchange Group, where she worked with corporate clients, held meetings, presented services, identified the needs of clients, developed and implemented products in the field of settlements and securities transactions. Olga graduated from Financial University (Moscow).