Jan. 1, 2022

Real Estate in South Florida: Cryptocurrency Benefits

Niсk Polyushkin, founder of Vera Fund, shares the great news of the company's work on investing in real estate through cryptocurrency.

Real estate investment is one of the fastest growing areas in the modern world. With a fairly low initial amount of financial investments, you can have a stable and guaranteed income, since the constant increase in real estate prices allows you to count on favorable interest rates.

Vera Fund Company (Florida, USA) successfully works with real estate investments in both South Florida and other U.S. states.

Our company strives not only to be aware of current trends in the real estate market, but also to take advantage of innovation.

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As a crowdfunding company, Vera Fund allows its clients to facilitate the investment process by teaming up with reputable experts to co-finance projects.

Since 2022, Vera Fund, as an investment fund, has been offering clients another type of investment in U.S. real estate - investments in cryptocurrency!

Over the past few years, interest via cryptocurrency as a legitimate investment tool has grown. The company couldn't stay away from innovative ways to invest in real estate.

Last year, Vera Fund was accredited and signed a partnership agreement with BitPay, which allowed opening an escrow account for accepting investments in cryptocurrency. All cryptocurrency transactions pass through BitPay as a payment service provider and intermediary for transactions of this kind.

The emergence of a new type of real estate investment using cryptocurrency has an indisputable number of advantages:

  • It's reliable! This method of investing is completely legal and complies with US law.
  • It's fast! Payment takes only a few minutes without the need to contact the banking system.
  • It's safe! An official package of documents is issued that have full legal force and confirm your shares in real estate.
  • It's easy! The process of making transactions and tax reporting is simplified. There is no need to report to regulators and banks.

At the same time, the highlighted advantages open up new prospects in the investment business.

The algorithm of the company's actions with the depositor in preparation for investing cryptocurrencies in real estate is as follows. First, the object is selected with all the evaluation procedures, then the details are discussed and the investment agreement is signed, after which the cryptocurrency is transferred within the agreed time frame, and at the final stage the depositor receives a guaranteed income.

We hope that this method of investing in real estate will be interesting for our clients.

Invest with Vera Fund,

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