Aug. 30, 2022

How to start investing with Vera Fund

A potential investor who wants to start investing his /her funds in the US real estate should determine the segment of real estate and the conditions of the investment process with VERA FUND.

It is better to start with direct communication with VERA FUND's customer service manager, a business assistant, who knows the subtleties of the ongoing investment processes both in the United States of America as a whole and directly in South Florida. A review of the real estate market, presented by a specialist of the Fund, will help the client decide on the choice of both the segment of the real estate market and the proposed object.

Among the requirements necessary for making real estate investments in the United States are financial conditions. For residential real estate, the minimum financial investment threshold is from 100,000 US dollars, and for commercial real estate - 500,000.

Next, there are conditions related to personal data: you need to understand who the investor is. If the depositor is a resident of the USA or the UK, then is he an accredited investor.

If the accreditation is not passed, VERA FUND initiates the accreditation process, because the company works only with accredited investors.

Non-residents of the USA can also be active participants in the process of investing in real estate in our country, but, in this case, the accreditation process takes a slightly different form and is not mandatory for them.

To obtain information about the client, VERA FUND conducts a KYC inspection ("know your customer"), which includes data on the depositor's country of residence, his/her involvement in the sanctions lists, etc.

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Sample questions for KYC:

  • the reason for the investment
  • addresses of additional property
  • documentation confirming the source of funds
  • the current employer or companies owned by the buyer
  • LinkedIn profile (if applicable)
  • any other documentation or public records that will confirm who the investor is, as well as other questions upon request

In parallel, the texts of contracts are discussed and investment objects are selected. The result of this stage of work is the signing of two main documents: a client agreement on the intention to invest and an appendix to it, including direct information about the object.

The investor is also informed about the Fund so that he/she, in turn, as well as our company, conducts the procedure of acquaintance with the company and due diligence, the essence of which is to compile an objective view of the object of investment.

At the time of the transaction, the amount is transferred by the title company to the seller's account upon request, after which the acquired property passes to the new owners - the Fund (the general partner) and investors (limited partners).

It must be said that before the investment, the client receives a so-called "investment cell", that is, a complete package of all related documents, including a description of the financial model of income generation, appropriate profit planning, urban planning documents related to the invested object, zoning, photographs of the object, inspection documents and more.

After all the procedures are completed, the investor begins to receive his/ her income distributed among co-investors.